Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life – Bachelors & Marlin’s 1st Heart Event

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life – Gamecube. In this video, I go after all three bachelors. Where to find them, what they like, and where their journals are. I also managed to trigger Marlin’s first heart event, hurrah! Detailed information on all: Rock Age: 22 Lives: Inner Inn with his parents Tim and Ruby Diary: In his room at the Inner Inn. Schedule: Usually not awake until 10 or 12, and he can be seen wandering around the valley until very late after that. Rival: Lumina Likes: Toy Flowers, Moon Drop Flowers, Coins, Fodder, Statues, Salad Dislikes: Goat Milk, Failed Dishes Marlin Age: 32 Lives: With his sister Vesta at their farm. Diary: On the bottom floor of their house, right next to the beds on the right hand side. Schedule: Marlin wakes up very early, and you can usually enter his house right at 6AM. He’s always at the farm. Seriously. He barely ever leaves… and if he does, then he’ll be by the Waterfall or at the Bar. Rival: Celia Likes: Grade A and higher Milk, Bodigizer, Bodyhyper, Turbojolt, Curry Dislikes: Everything else D: Gustafa Age: 28 Lives: In his…. tent? by the Inner Inn. Diary: On his couch in his house, by his guitar. Schedule: He’s random, sometimes he’ll get up around 7, and other times he’ll be up at 10. It’s usually around 10, however. He can be found playing guitar outside of his house, or wandering around the Valley. Sometimes it can be hard to find him, because he is so random. Rival: Nami Likes: Flowers, Milk (from cows), Statues
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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