Hard Rock And Roll That Is A Throwback To The Psychedelic Era

Tool tickets bring together fans and influences from different eras and for different reasons. The band is known for their hardcore progressive rock and roll style, but their influences range across the cutting-edge spectrum of decades from the past. This unique meshing of style has attracted fans from all over the world, and their concerts are renowned for their intensity and multi-sensory experiences. A look at their history will help explain how Tool came to be one of the biggest draws on the music scene.


Tool came together in late 1989 after the band’s future members all coincidentally moved to Los Angeles for different reasons. Bassist Paul d’Amour and guitarist Adam Jones moved to Southern California with aspirations of getting into the film industry. Drummer Danny Carey had always wanted to do just that, and he began to play the drums for such acts as Carole King. The lead singer, Maynard James Keenan, moved to Los Angeles to start a career in interior design.

Happenstance and random introductions brought them together, and the four men decided to jam together. They soon discovered that their respective influences came together for a unique sound, and they began to play in local clubs with much success. The members’ musical inspirations included such acts as Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Rush, among others.


Tool’s early local recognition and the corresponding demand for Tool tickets at small venues led to bigger and better things. By 1991, Tool was touring with such “name” acts as the Rollins Band, Fishbone, and Rage Against The Machine. This publicity led to a recording contract, and the band began to hit the studio to produce albums.

Commercial Success

Tool released their first EP, Opiate, which was partially inspired by a famous quote from Karl Marx. The release was a success, but the inspiration set the stage for public controversy that followed in subsequent years. Their first full-length album, Undertow followed in 1993, and their sound was instantly recognized as a powerful, heavy release that was unlike any other music being distributed on the mainstream market at the time.

The success of Undertow led to the band being invited to play on the Lollapalooza tour that same year, and the band’s engaging shows led to them being moved from a side stage to the main stage at many performances. The crowds at these shows reacted wildly to their on-stage style, and a new “name” band was born.

Since that time, Tool has released four additional albums, and all of them have enjoyed commercial success, as the band has stayed true to their original sound. They have sold millions of copies of their cuts around the world, and their name is recognized by music fans everywhere. However, the ride hasn’t been completely smooth.


Tool’s act has drawn attention from protestors, and many of them appear at their tour stops with picket signs chanting slogans. The reason for this controversy is Tool’s artistic insistence on pushing the envelope with their lyrics, messages and even their videos and album covers. Even MTV refused to play the single entitled “Stinkfist” after it was released due to the sexual overtones of the title.

The protestors tend to be Christians and those who oppose Marxism, and their diligence in regards to staging these protests is surprising. Regardless, Tool has refused to alter their approach, and Tool tickets remain a big draw due not only to their talent, but also to their belief in their artistic integrity.

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