HammerFall – Imperial

Song 8 from HammerFall album “Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken” – Imperial. I decided to upload the entire album, since, quite frankly, I’m bored. HammerFall is a heavy metal and power metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by ex-Ceremonial Oath’s guitarist Oscar Dronjak and Jesper Strömblad from In Flames as just another musical project. HammerFall began when guitarist Oscar Dronjak quit Ceremonial Oath and invited Jesper Strömblad (from In Flames, also formerly a member of Ceremonial Oath) to join him on a new musical project which he had been idealising for some time. Dronjak had already composed the song “Steel Meets Steel”, which was later included on HammerFall’s debut album. They were later joined by aids Niklas Sundin, bassist Johann Larsson and vocalist Mikael Stanne (from Dark Tranquillity). When Niklas Sundin and Johann Larsson left HammerFall the following year, Glenn Ljungström (ex-In Flames) and Fredrik Larsson (the bassist of the former Swedish death metal band Dispatched) replaced them. Both Dronjak and Strömblad took part in other bands at the time: the relatively unsuccessful Crystal Age from Dronjak and the band which to a great extent influenced Swedish melodic death metal, In Flames, from Strömblad. Thus, HammerFall was relegated to being a side project of them both for several years. Their concerts were limited mostly to a local music contest named Rockslaget. The band had few songs of their own and played mostly covers

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