Grupo Rio – Lo Peor de Todo.

Rio is a Peruvian rock band formed in Pueblo Libre, Lima, in the 80s, when it came to success. It is considered one of the most important rock bands in Peru. Formed in early 1983 in the district of Pueblo Libre, Lima. Its founders, Arthur “Pocho Prieto and brothers Jose” Chachi “and Lucio” spoon “Galarza, the group named as Royal Institution Orchestra. Since its inception, the band was playing their own songs, and was in 1984 when, thanks to the label “The Viceroy”, they released their first track: “Schoolgirls are” hard rock song that became known in the area north of the capital . This early success allowed to perform several concerts with some acceptance. But not until 1985, when launching the Viewer starts furiously toward the group. Automatically became known throughout Peru.

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