Gigi & Nation – Achievement Wh0re (WoW Music Video)

Here is the ‘Project’ I’ve been taking about 🙂 Glad I’ve gotten to work with Gigi and Nation with this video 😀 Nation Gigi :O ME AND MY TYPOS SPELT Achievement WRONG!!! Hope yous like it 😀 Lyrics [Abandonation] Argent Tourny grounds find me now gettin’ up my rep/ I’m joustin’ doin’ dailies, daily there’s a mount I need to get/ I want it all the titles and tabards and the rarest pets/ I want to be exalted with every city so show respect/ When you see Ambassader/ Salute me when I’m passin’ ya/ My guildies always sayin’ grats ’cause my achievements flood the chat/ I could never settle for less I need some more, more/ Finish them until there’s none left, Achievement Whore/ [Chorus] Titles, tabards, pets, yes/ Bgs, dailies, rep, quests/ There is nothin’ stopping me now/ and raids I turn them down/ Please don’t be disruptin’ me/ turning on my DND/ There is nothing I’m wantin’ more/ I’m an Achievement Whore/ Cause I’m an Achievement Whore An Achievement Whore An Achievement Whore [x2] [Gigi] hard core baby/ need more maybe/ keep it going- keep it going-Keep it going hit the floor/ Need points baby/ achieve like crazy/ forget this for-for-get this grind’s a bore/ Cant Can’t Can’t be Lazy/ Can’t Can’t Let it faze me/ keep it going keep it going till I look just like a pro/ Time-Time-Time’s all hazy/ My Head-Head-Head’s all spacy/ Man, where did the Man, where did the Man where did the hours go?/ [Chorus] Titles, tabards, pets, yes/ Bgs, dailies
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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