Fresh Thai Vegetables

Fresh Thai Vegetables
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Image by Barry Gourmet and Raw
Local Thai Fresh Vegetables all you can eat for Salads,Juicing,Smoothies,Soups,Pickling,Dressings,Toppings,Snacking,Blanching,Marination,composting and for seed saving,reuse and recycle.

Local Thai Fresh Vegetables:
Written by Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright September 09 2011.

“It is my hope that after reading this article you will think and look at vegetables in a different way then previously thought of before? “

Photo Description:
This Picture was taken at my local Sea Gypsy Village at the Pier in Rawai Beach Phuket Thailand.
Only about 15 minutes away by Mountain Bike from my home in Chalong ,this wonderful place offers just about everything for the Gourmet in You.

The Thai Sea Gypsy people are indigenous to Phuket ,living many generations on the island by fishing the sea for the seafood restaurants,Thai outdoor open markets, for the Expatriate and Thai Families as well.It is not uncommon for me to stop by on the way back from my Mountain Bike ride to fill my pack sack up with a few fresh vegetables and maybe some fish and seaweed as well. The food will be for todays meals and maybe could carry over to the second day to keep things as fresh as possible.As you can see from the photo this Thai market place is an open air, located beside the sea called the Andaman. When you by your seafood or vegetables or both ,you have the opportunity to have some of your food cooked for you at near by restaurants of your choice.But make sure that you tell the cooks not to make it HOT because if you forget this part , for sure it will come back spicy hot, unless you like it that way? From the distant pier Thai long tail boats or speed boats can be hired to take you to near by islands such as Coral Island for snorkeling and relaxing by the beach.
More than 200 different kinds of vegetables are harvested in Thailand each year.

Thailand is an agricultural country blessed with a bounty of exotic herbs,spices,vegetables,fruits,nuts,seeds and grains.

The Thai venders table shows 4 rows of typical Thai produce that can be seen all over Phuket island.
Starting at the top row from left to right we see, starting with the blue basket of green beans,green pepper corns in the pink basket,Yellow Turmeric root in the pink basket,and a tub each of shrimp paste ,and fish paste fermented. Two bags of soy bean sprouts,Galangal Root (related to Ginger),Asparagus,and Carrots.

Second row from the top ,starting left to right is ,a blue basket of Thai Egg Plant, the red basket has green and red peppers,the pink basket with whole Garlic,followed by Onions.

Third row from the top starting left to right is, more Thai Egg plants,Baby Cucumbers,Medium Cucumbers, two baskets of Tomatoes,followed by a pink basket of Onions.

Fourth row from the top in front of the table is,Phak chi farang,Thai Celery,Spring Onion,Mature Thai Celery,Large Bitter Melons,Giant White Radish ,Thai Long Purple Egg Plant,followed by a green basket of limes and packaged Shiitake Mushrooms. Limes are used more and are much more popular then Lemons in Thai cuisine.Very rare that I see Thai Yellow Lemons in the market place.

Why Buy Organically?

This question gets tossed around for ever , because I believe that first the typical grocery store is selling mostly conventional treated produce for a few decades now, and more and more shoppers today until recently are less complacent about how their food is produced and handled.
And on the other hand, many consumers do not want to pay the higher price for organic ,fruits and vegetables and they believe that simply rinsing and washing conventional produce will take care of the problem. This second point is why I am so compelled to write this article.

I wish that it was that simple but it is not. The stark truth is, that all the washing , rinsing,scrubbing,soaking with biodegradable cleaning agents will not get rid of the pesticides in your produce. This is why!
First our food provides nutrition to us not directly from the actual plant that we eat ,but really from the nutrients mainly from the soil, that the plants root systems are systemically absorbing internally and through out their stems and leaves. Plus our produce feeds off the the air, and the sun creating the green pigment of chlorophyl and fibers that are missing in all our meat products.

For instance in the Laboratories of Bio Tech Science it is common procedure for the scientists to routinely test their pesticide agents by inoculating the plants root systems to create data of the plants absorption rate via the root system in the soil. This method will tell science what efficacy the chemical toxin or pesticide has for making the plant disease and insect resistant.
So we are eating conventional plants that is harmful to nature including insect pests, but its OK for us to eat them in the end?
The problem with this method of controlling nature is simple. When the top soil is stripped of its natural amendments of more than 50 prime and trace inorganic minerals with only 3 from the chemical fertilizing industry , plus on top of this, our soil is saturated repeatedly with chemical pesticides , herbicides,fungicides and human waste with mono agriculture (planting the same crop over the same area year after year) our soil becomes woefully deficient , weakening the plant over time.Did you know that on average the chemical application applied to crops,actually succeeds in killing only 2 % of the targeted insect or pest . The rest of the chemical contaminates our ground water, our rivers,lakes,streams and ultimately our drinking water ,because we are drinking the same water over and over again from millions of years of Earths history.The fact is our water has been on Earth a lot longer than we have, and the water never goes any where ,in fact we are consuming our own recycled water for all time including the agricultural chemical run off.
To recap this means that the chemical is not on the out side of the plant as a residue that most people are made to believe,but actually the toxins are stored inside the whole plant including the skin,pulp stem,leaf and even the seed.Hybrid seed have been chemically treated to with stand pest control ,and you get only at best one crop or a second with less satisfactory results.
The best seed to support and buy are Heirloom Organically saved seeds that has been protected and shared among farmers for centuries. Today this sustainable Organic practice is under threat from the US Governments subsidizing with your tax payers money, Agricultural Chemical industries to control our food choices.When you think about it , the USA congress has more than 14,000 special interest group lobbyists to contend with for 365 days in the year. This is just a short list of the most powerful influential lobby groups as followed, the Chemical industry comprised of Human and Animal Feed Pharmaceuticals,Monsanto GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Chemical Fertilizer Manufactures,The Bio Tech Industry, FDA,(Food and Drug Administration),AMA,(American Medical Association),all the Food Giants that produce products of Meat ,Dairy, and Processed packaged foods are all linked together in some way or other to control the food industry in such a way that has us believing that it is all good for us.These powerful influential groups have lots of marketing revenue to pay for TV, Radio,Newspaper, magazine,and movie theater adds used for pitching their processed denatured products using clever advertising to get into our heads using famous celebrities,slick 3-D Animations and slogans to promote their image and branding and they know it works.
It works because any given conventional supermarket today anywhere in the world still devotes ,11 isles of meat ,dairy,and packaged processed goods ,to only one or two isles to fresh produce of fruits ,vegetables, nuts,seeds,legumes,herbs,and condiments of Nature.
It is a supply and demand scenario that is playing out,on mass every day we enter the sliding doors of our local grocery store in one grand experiment for our hard earned income.

Conventional soil treated with pesticides against insects, herbicides against unwanted weeds,
Fungicides against Fungus, and Petroleum Based Fertilizers of NPK (Nitrogen , Phosphorus, and Potassium, that only contain 3 prime soil amendments is really unsustainable in the long run. But we know that earths natural fertile soil can contain well over 50 minerals including the essential trace minerals for strong plant health. Over time the chemical treated soil can become more compacted , dry and promote erosion as large parts of China is now experiencing,through the use of this unsustainable practice today. China is the leading the world in Chemical Fertilizer applications right after the USA. It has gotten so bad that now with many Bee colonies collapsing around the world from agricultural chemical use,now in some parts of China the farmers are forced to hand feed their flowers with pollen to grow their harvest as the bees have become extinct in that area.
The problem with conventional agricultural chemical applications is the efficacy is not working.Insects have been around for a very long time ,much longer then us, and they have the ability to adapt to these situations and they mutate and pass their mutated genes off to their offspring to become resistant and immune to the chemical. This forces the Chemical industry to repeatedly, go back to the drawing board,to come up with even more toxic and powerful chemicals that has no end in sight.It becomes a vicious no win situation between man and Nature.The fact is Chemical farming practices are environmentally unsustainable depleting the top soils of our crop lands. And in stark contrast Organic Agricultural practices actually amend the soils with natures biodegradable green composts including bio-diverse marine vegetation to support and to build up our top soils.Our greatest unseen subterranean gardner, the humble Earth Worm is working hard to build tunnels and drainage and to release its castings into the soil to feed , to aerate ,and to add additional drainage to Organic crops root systems. The dry sterile lifeless soil of chemical agriculture has no Earthworms to be found.

The Chemical Fertilizer Manufacturers Association was founded in the year 1897,one hundred and fifteen years ago from 2011. This is a very short time in mans history when you think of how many industrial chemicals with no long terms test results on human populations are now in our own body, plus the thousands that we are exposed to every day of our lives. It is estimated that every human being on Earth today has at least 200 to 500 industrial chemicals , from our water,air,and foods that even though in trace amounts we still do not know what the accumulative effect is on individuals.This kind of exposure was unheard of just a mere 100 years ago before the industrial revolution kicked in to full operation.
More than a hundred years ago ,planet Earth had natural enriched top soil that sustained the human population by Organic means. Back then Organic agriculture was very labour intensive for some crops , and later more innovative ways of increasing crop yields spurred on a new industry to bring short term gains to family farms ,that later mushroomed into very large industrial factory farms that we have today.Today these chemical agricultural Giants , have primarily today replaced many of our ancestral small family farms of the past. But a few are still holding on as Organically grown produce is one of the fastest growing industries supported by a large enough consumer base to keep it going. More people are starting to become aware and informed of their healthy food choices and the information highway has made things easier for the Organic movement to sustain its marketable growth.

A lot of people will not be happy with the following information regarding red meat consumption but the story needs to be told, and the truth needs to be known. The fact is todays meat of every kind in comparison to fruits and vegetables, are much more contaminated with industrial chemicals, heavy metals,antibiotics,growth hormones,parasites,diseased parts,preservatives ,coloring agents,GMO and the list goes on. What Happened ?

"How can we possibly live with Pesticides when we have been living without for millions of years already ? Can Humans Gene pool keep up with the chemical load?"

Barry Gourmet & Raw

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