Faun – Unda

A brilliant piece of music, with that beat, it takes you to another place. It’s by a German pagan folk band (who really must come to the UK to perform) named “Faun” from the CD “Licht” “Unda attingit Te et abducit Te in profunda Sicut es unda” Which I understand is: “The wave reaches you and leads you down into the depths. Likewise you are the wave.” I have added fantasy pictures to support the song, mainly Herne, Cernunnos, Druids, Witchs, Wiccans and any thing else to adds to the beat. I do not own the music or pictures or have a connection with Faun apart from listening to their music. I thank them for the music and I thank the arist’s for their fantastic art work and hard workd and skill that has gone to draw, paint, create the picture, you really need to search for Fantasy Art on the web, there are great artists out there. I make no profit or financial gain for this

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