Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You- Sugarloaf- 1975

This Thing Is Hard To Forget.A Brilliant Take On The Music Business.Vintage 70’s.It’s Too Great To Be On A Have A Nice Day Album.Way Too Great. Always A Mp3 Favorite Of Mine.I Never Skip When This Comes On.It’s A Rock Song, A Novelty Song And A Classic All In One. Check Out The 1975 Pictures.Those Poor Souls Playing Pong.We Were Stuck With That Ancient Technology.All Of The Changes We Have Seen In 33 Years.If You Would Have Told Someone What We Have Now They Would Think You Were Nuts.Amazing.Too Bad The Songs Today Stink.Technology Can Not Make Up For Lousy Songs.You Can Have A Million Track Computer And You Still Wouldn’t Top The 60’s And 70’s Hits.They Were Worth Their Weight In Gold.Thanks Sugarloaf.We’ll Call You.You’re Great Song Sure Called Us.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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