DJ Rhettmatic talks about Asian Americans and Hip Hop

HardKnock.TV takes you Behind the Scenes into the Beat Junkies studio while Rhettmatic and Buff1 work on their new collaborative album; self titled “Crown Royale”. In this segment DJ Rhettmatic talks about coming up in Hip Hop as an Asia American. Rhett says that he thinks Filipinos and Asians in general are starting to get their just due in Hip Hop. Rhett remembers that coming up he was hated on by some Filipinos who called him a fligger and asked him if he wanted to be black. At the same time he got hated on from the hip hop community until he showed and proved that he belong. Rhett goes on to say that people try to call him an Asian American Hip Hop artists but that he rather think of himself as a Hip Hop artists that happens to be Asian American. Rhett goes on to talk about some of the Asian Americans doing big things in Hip Hop like Ill Mind, Chad Hugo, DJ Q-Bert, Jabbawockeez and more. Crown Royale album is in stores now! Interview by Mark Anthony Jenkins and Nick Huff Barili.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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