DJ AM LIVES: Debut Performance at Palms Las Vegas 4.24.09

DJ AM LIVES is our series showcasing one of the most skilled, most innovative and most influential DJs to ever touch the turntables, the legendary Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein. This piece captures the highlights of his debut performance at Rain Nightclub inside Palms Las Vegas on April 24, 2009, his third official DJ residency in Las Vegas (after Body English at Hard Rock and Pure inside Caesars), The excitement was off the charts for this debut and DJ AM rose to the occasion with an unforgettable set that has since become the stuff of internet legend. Notice how he seamlessly blends many genres of music, always showing razor sharp skills and flawless timing. Stay tuned to our SpyOnDJs channel for more exclusive content in the DJ AM LIVES series. –Shecky Green

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