Demilich – The Echo (Replacement)

Demilich was a finnish Death Metal band formed in Kuopio,1990. They released their first demo “The Four Instructive Tales… Of Decomposition” in 1991. Their second demo “Regurgitation of Blood” was also released in 1991. Their third demo “…Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness…” was released in 1992 and has no covers,just a plain tape. The fourth and last demo “The Echo” was released in 1992 and distributed by Grinder Productions. The band received a record deal from Necropolis Records and the band recorded their legendary “Nespithe” in 1993. Nespithe means “The Spine” and Erecshyrinol means “No Lyrics Here”. They can be decrypted by grouping the letters in three,starting at the end of the word,and reversing the order of those groups. They claim that no effects were used on the vocals. The album was reissued through Repulse Records,Pavement Records,Sick Records (As a tape) and Century Media. The lyrical themes were quite cryptic and odd. All of the band’s releases can be downloaded from their website. Their music is very technical and still manages to be very brutal. They played their last gig in Kuopio,Finland at “Henry’s Pub” 2006-07-22 and the supporting band was Deathbound. They played the whole Nespithe album,a new song,two songs from the first demo and two unreleased tracks. There were no tickets but the age limit was 18. This is from “Nespithe”.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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