Death Metal Melissa

Death Metal Melissa
death metal
Image by Robert Bejil Photography
So finally got around to materializing an idea i’ve had for a while now. The only problem i was having was finding the right girl. Well I was supposed to shoot with my friend Melissa a year ago, but it never happened. So I realized that she owned Death Metal shirts and BINGO, We had a shoot scheduled. Went out with Two fellow photographers, Joe and Alan, and another model Kursti. So this image is basically a sample from the shoot. Hopefully I’ll get the others done soon.

oh thanks again Alan for letting use your PLM for this shoot. Crap, i hope it isn’t broken 🙁 stupid wind….


-AB1600 w/ shoot through PLM camera left.
-AB400 bare bulb camera right behind wall as rim light
-Powered with Vagabond II.
-Triggered with Cactus V4.

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