Death Metal Heavy Weights Pathology Will Knock The Wind Out Of You

PATHOLOGY – Legacy Of The Ancients


Imagine a 10-ton rhino running into a mid-sized automobile head-on and having the car turned as flat as a pancake? It’s hard to picture this scenario, but with Pathology’s brand of guttural, double bass assault and groove-laden death metal will make you experience all of this vicariously through their music.

The 11 tracks including a brief intro at the start of the CD sets an eerie mood and creates an unstable atmosphere for your ears. Just one listen to the track “Code Injection” with its early Cannibal Corpse and Gorguts influences, you’ll be stage diving and thrashing your head like a psychotic individual drunk on Red Bull and coffee.

Mind you, the music on “Legacy Of The Ancients” is not played at 100 miles per hour as much of the quartet’s focus is on utter, downtuned brutality, and they definitely accomplish this insane feat here.


This foursome plays death metal as they feel it, so it’s more than just personal, it is very much angry in tone and feel. This is music to get your aggression out to, as it is very therapeutic in the grand scheme of things. You’ll know what I am talking about once you’ve felt the aural torture of “Collapsing Into Violence”. This songs is total Cannibal Corpse worship from the “Eaten Back To Life” era.

It’s good to see that Pathology is hell bent on creating a sound and style all their own, so this makes for one hell of an interesting death metal ride through the macabre and the insane.

Fellow neighbors and death metal brethren Cattle Decapitation, who also hail from San Diego definitely have some stiff competition here, but hey, lets face it, death metal is about unity not about being brutally better than your compatriots.

Last but no least, their apocalyptic, zombie infested CD cover art will make you feel like you’re apart of the “Night Of The Living Dead” horror flick. Great taste in choosing a twisted and sick cover, guys. Pathology is a killer band, nothing too out of the ordinary, but it is their overall sound and angry, guttural fueled vocals, which makes them standout in a scene crowded with extreme death metal bands. Check them out and feel their “Legacy Of The Ancients”.

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