Dead Town

Dead Town
dead metal
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Dead town – The Holy soul

Adrift in a world of jazz-funk and nu-metal bands, populated with guys who played in 24/23 time and loved to cover Sting solo songs – their words – they literally had nowhere else to go. Ragged and raw, their rough early shows drew some comparisons that were unfamiliar to the band (from the Cramps to the Gun Club); but a favourite cover, The Scientist’s 1983 classic ‘Swampland’ more accurately mapped the Holy Soul’s terrain: somewhere in classic Oz underground swamp-rock and raw, roots-touched classic songwriting via Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Led by the songwriting of big Dylan fan and lead-snarler Trent Marden, the young band sounded old before their time. In a really good way. A super lo-fi EP Love Has Left the City Limits, recorded in a shed, in a day, was released on Reverberation in 2004, followed late 2006 by their debut album, Sign of the Triangle.

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