David Harrison Levi ~ Pre Grammy Party~ By ~Syncupvideo.co 1~19~11 High res mp4

David Harrison ~ Still work and Video. Syncupvideo.netI Heard That David Levi Is Now on facebook! Get Over It! Luv Dave.” ~ David Letterman….Indeed, David Levi Harrison is on FB and some 2137 RSVPs to his exclusive Red Carpet 00000.00 (sweeeeet) David Harrison Levi Grammy Birthday Extravaganza speaks of how much this birthday boy has Je Ne Sais Quoi (a true “STARMAKER”-per chance ;)?!) Friends who numbered that of a small state (even Niue-New Zealand numbers less….not to mention Stato della Citta del Vaticano) were treated to music, fashion, 87 media outlets (yours truly brings the celebration to all who were unable to attend), and David’s unwavering desire to expand awareness of – Breast Cancer! “…believe in my cause I am so very passionate about. Cancer is killing our family & friends. Awarness IS the very key to saving lives. It is with your support that keeps this Most important message alive. Life IS short-be good to one another!” ~ David Harrison Levi – STARMAKER. With Paris Hilton, Slash (oh, yeah, lead guitarist of hard rock band ‘Guns & Roses’), Jesse Jackson, Jack Lane, Xango Henry (such cool name), Ozzy Osbourne believing in the STARMAKER’s resolve….he is a force to be reckoned with and we all wish him a wonderful new year, celebrating every day with his 2000+ friends; joie de vivre! If you enjoy the still work feel free to sign up for membership for ~ From the news desk by your event Editor in Chief Romina Simon ~ update and invite to future events
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