Dark Funeral – My Funeral (Uncut Version) HD

This is the brand new video from Dark Funeral entitled My Funeral! My Funeral is the first song from the bands upcoming Album “Angelus Exuro pro Eternus” that is made available for public ear, and eye. My Funeral is one of the three (out of nine) heavier; non-blast beat songs that were recorded for the new and long awaited full-length album. Dark Funeral, who is well-known for their infernal blast beats have with “Angelus Exuro pro Eternus” recorded their most varied and technical album to date. While still being true to their roots, they have taken a great step forward in the evolution of their brand of fine Swedish black metal. ANGELUS EXURO PRO ETERNUS is, from the very beginning to the end, a hell ride you simply don’t want to miss! Produced by Standard Film, UmeĆ„, Sweden IN STORES NOV 18TH THROUGH REGAIN RECORDS! More info at: www.darkfuneral.se www.facebook.com/darkfuneral www.myspace.com/darkfuneral www.youtube.com/darkfuneral www.regainrecords.com www.myspace.com/regainrecords www.youtube.com/regainrecords www.diaboliswear.com www.myspace.com/diaboliswear

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