Cult Movies Enjoy Selective Popularity

Cult movies are popular among a limited fan base. They offer some unorthodox narrative or tale. They appeal to a small group of people who have matching choice with the topic. This small fan base become devoted to the film. Repeated viewing on longer periods make the film reaches this status.

Famous films in this class include The Warriors, A Clockwork Orange, Eraserhead, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Evil Dead and sequels, Blue Velvet, Angel Heart, Heavy metal, and Pink Floyd The Wall. They are known as cult movies classics.

Some funny movies have also achieved the cult status. They include Snakes on a Plane, The Toxic Avengers, Heathers, Bad Taste, Ghost World, Army of Darkness, Blackladder and Monty Python series of films.


Blade Runner is a fantasy science fiction film directed by the famous Ridley Scott. It included major star cast like Harrison Ford. It did not fare well on the box office. When it was released on video cassettes, the film became success with repeated screenings on popular channels.

Brazil is another such cult classic example. It is also a science fiction cinema. It had failed on the main release. But it became successful after its home video release. It enjoys the status of being critically acclaimed film.

Angel Heart is a mystery horror film directed by Alan Parker. Robert De Niro and Micky Rourke are the leading star cast. It failed at the box office. The film became a hit and a cult classic after it was released on video cassettes.

All the above VHS movies made each respective film a hit and popular. They are enjoying the status of cult classics with repeated viewings over a long period of time.

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