Club Trance- Melbourne Shuffle Compilation

FOR MY SUBSCRIBERS and VIEWERS: Next compilation, number 4, is coming out, when the following happens. Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #1- 1000000 Views Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #2- 100000 views Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #3- 75000 Views Club Trance Compilation- 100000 Views Trance Mixtape- 30000 Views BASS- 20000 views alot yea? lol well, for compilation 1, thats getting a few 1000 views a day so that one wont take long, the others will i guess 😀 might change depending how long it takes, note i havent actually made it yet, in the process, and help me guys, 10 minutes to long? is 7 minute compilation for number 4 enuf? tell me, pm, leave a message Club Trance (My Definition)- An uplifting melody based tune that often has lyrics, very much trance, just not a hard bass. note: club trance doesn’t mean music that is played at a club. yea not very good at english lol but thats what i reckon club trance is, dont Read: Club Trance Compilation Enjoyy something different from my other comps, kinda similar to first one but not as cheesey i guess Please leave a comment, rate, tell me what you think of some really good club trance, tell me the names of some good club trance even, subscribe to my videos, check out some of my other compilations 🙂 umm you guys might notice that sometime i might take down melbourne shuffle compilation 2, this is due to the fact that so many people are asking me for the songs and i really cannot be fucked finding them through my library, i have to
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