ChromeCelica00 – Slow&Fast Melodic Metal Riffin’

My band, Deadtide’s, Social Pages: —————————————————————————— Video Description: Retarded title, but I’m stumped with what to name it. I kinda did the same idea as my “Faces of Melo Death” video except it’s basically the same riff just faster and using clean then distorted rhythm…I imagine the first one as being life after a storm or something…picking up the pieces…the second part I guess would be the music that would describe being in the middle of a huge storm or another one happening again…YES I LOVE EPIC STORMS WITH MELODIC METAL OK SUE ME You know what to do! =) Note: I’m wearing a “No Remission” shirt…they are a local Thrash/Metal band around my area, they are fucking awesome. Check out their myspace page
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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