Celtic Metal – The Sylvans Path

Get this Song here: adrianvonziegler.bandcamp.com or on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Get real CD’s here: www.cdbaby.com Facebook / Twitter / Merchandise: www.facebook.com twitter.com www.redbubble.com This is another selfcomposed Song of mine. It’s very special, because for the first Time, I was able to combine Celtic, Metal and orchestral Parts in one Song. Arranged on the Keyboard and the Guitar, and produced with Magix Music Maker 16. © Copyright of all Audio belongs to AdrianvonZiegler. Links to similar Songs: Behind the Stars: www.youtube.com Cliffs of Moher: www.youtube.com Wild Flower: www.youtube.com Hringhorni: www.youtube.com Moorchild: www.youtube.com Snow From Seven Years Past: www.youtube.com Black Sam: www.youtube.com Gaelic Earth: www.youtube.com An Everlasting Flame: www.youtube.com Freedom Spirit: www.youtube.com Wolves of the Sea: www.youtube.com Sons of the Allfather: www.youtube.com Welcome to Trollstad: www.youtube.com Where I Belong: www.youtube.com Skilfingr: www.youtube.com Lifeclock: www.youtube.com The Stormbringer: www.youtube.com Brachnirs Clam: www.youtube.com Juhannuskokko: www.youtube.com Metsän Lapi: (Troll Metal) www.youtube.com Gleipnir (Pagan Metal): www.youtube.com A Celtic Tale: www.youtube.com A Celtic Lore: www.youtube.com Rune Magic: www.youtube.com I own everything of this Video, Audio- and Visual-Material.

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