Carbide Alpenglow

Carbide Alpenglow
top hard rock
Image by Eloise Mason
This is my attempt at photographing the absolutely gorgeous Carbon and Carbide Building (now also known as ‘the Hard Rock Hotel’ for its newest anchor tenant) in downtown Chicago. Others have done it much better (I’ve linked some of my favorites below; keyword searching turns up many more neat photos). My poor camera’s zoom just wasn’t up to the task, I suppose, but I still find the beauty of this building irresistable to try for.

It’s not clear here, but the entire building is glossy black, with gilded (yes, actually gilded, not brass) bits up on the top there. Since it is on the eastern edge of downtown, when the sun is setting and the angles are right, you can be in deep twilight down in the urban canyons at street level, and still have the golden spire of Carbon and Carbide gleaming down at you.

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