Brutality – Shrine of the Master

Brutality was an american Death Metal band from Tampa, Florida who started out in the 80’s under the name Abomination and released one demo before changing name to Brutality. They released three albums in the 90’s and a compilation of old demo songs and a live album in the early 00’s before splitting up. This song is taken from their second album When the Sky Turns Black and it is based on Waco Siege incident between Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Branch Davidians (look it up!) at Waco, Texas. Band has connections to Contorted, Monstrosity, Acheron, Diabolic, Unholy Ghost, Degradation, Devolution, Light Yourself on Fire, Unearthed, Ulcer, Dead and Nasty Savage. Lyrics: Merciless to the siege – Agents massacred Protected fortress – Underground militia Religious sect – Proclaimed messiah David Koresh Devoted followers – One man’s domain Fortified compound – Stockpile of weapons Forced reproduction – Tunnels underneath Protecting children – From the enemy Battalion of tanks – Failed negotiations Stronghold secured Rounds of ammunition fired Canisters of CS gas – Dispersed inhumanely Interpretations of the seven seas Book of revelations Reconstructed skull – Bullet wounds found In craniums of slain disciples Masks of bureaucracy – Identities released Survivors interrogated – Reaccounting the horror Useless ordeal – Ends in death Merchants of greed – Fire consumes Cloaked in sympathetic dismay Beyond the grasp of the mind In death the answer lies
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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