Britney Spears – Wake Up Girl Free Song Lyrics

Lyrics Britney Spears – Wake Up Girl

Wake Up Girl by Britney Spears

Dumb girl
Did you see the latest Vogue
Has it ever occurred to you
That you don”t fit the latest trend
Dumb , dumb girl
Can”t you see you”re such a joke
When was the last time your cellphone rang
Babygirl let”s not pretend
Be smart – don”t try to discodance, and
Sweetheart – don”t even come at all
Wake up girl
All the beautiful ones are laughing
Wake up girl
all the beautiful boys are forever taken – girl!
Dumb girl
You could always be like us
Do your boobs and a nosejob to
And don”t forget about the smile
But ”til then
Keep a distance on the bus
Take a look at my beeper now
That”s a number not to dial

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