Bon Jovi – Live At Hard Rock Calling 2011 (London)

Sorry for the quality everyone, it’s not that good. First time I was recording an audio streaming and I didn’t really know what program was the better to use…Hope you can at least enjoy it a little ! Anyway I guess you’ll find a recording with better quality very soon 😉 25.06.2011. Intro 1. Raise Your Hands 2. You Give Love A Bad Name 3. Born To Be My Baby 4. We Weren’t Born To Follow 5. Lost Highway 6. It’s My Life 7. In These Arms 8. Blaze Of Glory 9. Lay On Hands On Me 10. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars 11. Bad Medicine / Pretty Woman / Shout (teaser) 12. Hallelujah 13. When We Were Beautiful 14. I’ll Be There For You 15. Who Says You Can’t Go Home 16. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead 17. Hey God 18. Have A Nice Day 19. Keep The faith 20. Dry County 21. Wanted Dead Or Alive 22. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night 23. Livin’ On A Prayer 24. Always 25. These Days 26. Blood On Blood 27. I Love This Town Outro

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