Black Sabbath @ MSG 1977 70s Rock Metal

Black Sabbath @ MSG 1977 70s Rock Metal
rock metal
Image by Whiskeygonebad
Black Sabbath 1977 in Madison Square Garden, NYC taken with my Minolta SRT-102 with a preset 400mm lens from the nosebleed seats. Tri-X pushed to 800. Ozzy Osbourne still rules… but not in his own home naturally. Speaking of home: He looks somewhat "not home" here whilst I am dizzy from the "no smoking signs" that did not exist in 1977. Still, they look sooo 70s C-O-O-L in the spotlight of this moment. Click!!! Gotchya forever Dudes!!! This is my personal fave Sabbath pic of those on my few rolls taken out of two concerts. As just a guy with a regular ticket, I was allowed in with a camera bag full of equip, 400mm lens, tripod & 2 cans of brew [no bottles] cool with security. [not like the fucking Gestapo wannabees now days.] Here they just finished the encore set. Sabbath Rules!
The downside: If you remember this concert, you’re pushin’ 50 at least.

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