Bhangra metal – Punjabi vs Metal (first one ever created!!!) not cover!!

First of all sorry for the audio quality! And u were suppose to hear clearer guitar but after uploading it got weird!! This song is copyright by win or full name: Pawin Ratnaswetkul on 25/10/2011 u can use it for any other reason or shared it for anything but credits goes to me. why im being like this? cuz it was really hard to make, it took me more than a week to make it!!! so i hope u guys really like it. about me: im indian born in thailand, my dad’s origin is from punjab.And i’m the vocalist in a band called “Blacksoulstar” i like rock and metal so i figure out i would mix bhangra and metal together. i’ve heard many bhangra hip hop but not with rock so i guess this is the first one cuz i tried searching for it but i couldn’t.

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