Best New Rock Bands Reviews – Rey Fresco’s Dorothy

The best new rock bands don’t always show up automatically. It is really fun to come across great bands before they get picked up by the big labels which unfortunately can cause them to lose their uniqueness. Because their sound can change after they get picked up, its such a joy to hear new rock bands before they go big. There are a few dozen bands I can place in the best new rock bands category, but the one I am writing about here is Rey Fresco.

Dorothy is one song that got them into being one of the best new rock bands. This is one of their softer songs on The People. The best new rock bands will do much more than sing a jolly song, they will bring you into a musical journey, this is what happens in Dorothy.

The best new rock bands must have more than good music skills, song originality is required. This song starts out with a very interesting melody, listen closely…it is not a guitar, it is actually a harp, and it sounds GOOD!


If the lyrics include a sense of meaningful story telling, this can also help determine the best new rock bands. The song I am writing about is Dorothy, and it is about her personal story. Do you think it could be? I can definietely see her being a “wana-be” artist just trying so hard to make it but she just can’t. The lyrics to the song goes like this: “Hard times in the city, bright lights shining on me. You might think that its so easy, walking all over town, confusion in your mind”.

They would never call themselves one of the best new rock bands, but here is a little from them.

It is about the life in the city, on a more serious note. Basically about the wealthy getting more wealthy and the poor getting more poor. We named the song after one of our musical influences, her name is Dorothy Ashby.

By now you may want to hear more from one of the best new rock bands: Check em’ out soon while they are still an upcoming band, check out their site or their entire album at itunes. After hearing it, you’ll agree, this is one of the best new rock bands.

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