Be’lakor – Venator

Venator from the Melodic Death Metal band Be’lakor. It’s taken off of their 2009 album, Stone’s Reach Lyrics: As I skulked past the gates And drew behind the stones The winding trees enveloped The cloak around my bones Peering through the night’s mist I crept through the fen To try and find the totem In the grey warg’s den The freezing forest guards The secrets that he wrought His spirit lies on every twig His scent infests the haunt His howling cut the still air His cry up to the stars The piercing bay of his rage Tore the beat out of my heart To the entrance I stalked up in the shadows His breathing I could hear Rasping in the barrows Silently my dagger slid From its ice-cracked sheath His bloody maw emerging His jowls hung raw beneath Like those that lusted below me My mind was always snared The totem drew my senses The grey warg drew my fear His giblet eyes surveyed me His haggard haunch was raised Rearing up his splintered paw He struck me in a daze
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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