ARSENAL – Arsenal: Heavy Metal

DVD Available at: This program presents a dramatic, fast-moving episode that depicts the development of ground forces, from past failures and successes, to the state-of-art equipment and forces at the heart of today’s mechanized battlefield. In this high-tech age of precision-guided missiles, the modern tank evokes an image of a bygone era of land warfare. But the thick armor of today’s tanks conceals space-age ballistic computers, laser range finders and sophisticated electronics allowing survival on the battlefield. Examine the origins of the tank as a means to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare in World War I. Trace the path of tank evolution by several of the major tank developing countries including Britain, France, Germany, and the United States. The latest vehicles – the British Challenger, French Le Clerc, German Leopard and the American Abrams – represent the latest in Heavy Metal. NTSC 4 — 52-minutes ©1996 Video Ordnance Inc. – All Rights Reserved
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