Another Original Progressive Rock/Metal Song by Steven DeMartini

SUBSCRIBE! Working on more original music! I love feedback, and please rate too! I wrote this song junior year of high school (so around 2007 or 2008), and I have performed it three or four times with a few different musicians. I’ve gotta thank Josef Kay for helping to write some of the bass parts back then and influencing how this song turned out. Also, these drum parts are somewhat based on what Nico Spence played when we performed. I have updated riffs and changed a few things, but the song is generally the same as it was when it was written. If you’re wondering why it’s not quite as technical as my first original YouTube upload, it’s because I wrote the song a while ago. But I hope you still enjoy it regardless. I recorded the song using Reaper as my DAW. The guitar and bass were recorded by me, direct into the computer with no microphones or amps. I used Guitar Rig 3 for the guitar tones. I wrote out the drum parts and ran the midi file through a virtual instrument for the realistic sound because I had no way of miking and recording my own live drums. As with my last YouTube upload, this song is still untitled. I am planning on putting up an EP in the not-too-distant future after I get a couple more songs finished, and by then I will come up with names for all of my songs at last haha. My guitar on the recording and in this video is a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR, and the bass is an old Squier P-Bass. Both are tuned standard. Copyright 2010 Steven DeMartini

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