Accept – The Abyss LIVE – Rock Hard Festival 2010 “Blood of the Nations” 8/20/10 Europe, 9/14/10 USA Special thanks to Rockplast and the Rock Hard Festival After debuting their new lineup to a sold-out audience in New York this past May and then traveling to Europe to devastate the masses with shows in 16 different countries in 80 days (including two shows opening for AC/DC), reformed heavy metal legends ACCEPT will return to tour the US for the first time in 14 years on a co-headlining tour with KING’S X. ACCEPT’s first show will kick off the eleventh annual ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta. Commented ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman: “Believe me, this was boot camp, but we loved every minute of it! “Twelve months ago, there was nothing on the horizon that would have made us believe we would be on the stages of the world again as ACCEPT… and here we are! [New lead vocalist] Mark Tornillo inspires us to get it all out in a way we have not been challenged before. We can’t wait to be on stage with him!!!! He is the new kid on the block and he is the reason we are back again. It is such a relief, such vitamin shot!!! And if we could, we would never stop!!!” When asked what has surprised the band the most about their fans, Hoffman responded enthusiastically, “NO doubt about it, the biggest surprise is the way they make us feel welcomed. Of course we hoped the fans would be happy to have us back — who would not believe that about their fans? — but what is happening

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