A Real Love Song “CHIA” – Traphik (Official Music Video)

Traphik “Chillin Here In the Atmosphere (CHIA)” is the first single off my new album which will be free to download on TimothyDeLaGhetto.com soon! starring and dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend. I came up with the concept for the vid and my boy PDFlo directed. beat produced by www.soundclick.com www.youtube.com Directed by Pedro Flores youtube.com second camera Martin Molina Clothing provided by Orisue LYRICS Now how does one explain the sudden feeling he feels When he’s not sure what he’s feelin but he knows that its real To take something intangible and try to explain Not fully understandin all the thoughts in my brain Relationships had always made me sick- done wit em Then she came up and hit me like some bricks- a ton of em So now my mind struggles just to try and comprehend And make sure what I’m feelin is foreal and not pretend I wanted not to deal wit it and chill wit all my friends Cuz everyone’s in L (love) wit one and sells it like a trend Ive tried to force a feelin that just seemed so far away And after all was said and done I found it hard to stay So that now I’ve move passed all the drama I delt with Imagine my surprise when I met this chic and felt shit So much of my life i spent hidin and fightin it Looked into her eyes and I kinda started likin it Chillin here in the atmosphere cuz that’s where her love takes me Head in the clouds but I’m lookin around and I can see that’s my baby Chillin here in the atmosphere cuz that’s where her love takes me Head
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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