9Electric is a Surprisingly Interactive hard rock music band

Social Media is a lifeline for many folks right now, however there’s no category that is as effected by the up’s and down’s of this online roller coaster as musician’s, artists and bands. And while this distinguished group holds the title of most effected they also are required to be the most effective! Musicians have had several rules change in the past years in just about everything they do but add to that fact that fans appear to be changing the rules on artist’s as well. The online world has in fact brought us all closer together in several ways and the boundaries are changing with every passing day. Online friends, contacts, followers, connections, thumb uppers etc. mean that the actual definition of interaction is changing as well. So how much contact or connection is required between an artist and their fan? Fans have the upper hand really and understand that they can either make or break an artist. Fans are the only ones who hold the key to the Land Of Viral! A new stand out in the social media game is a band called 9Electric. These talented, adrenaline fueled musicians have recently adopted social media as their off stage arena and have garnered an impressive number of passionate devotees, getting the news out to their social connections who are begging for local shows, videos, songs, conversation….


The Los Angeles based quartet joined together “with a mission to create a new sound.” 9Electric is Vocalist Thunderwood, Guitarist *M. Lopez*, Drummer/Producer Micah Electric and Bassist CaseyDC. Classified under Electro-Rock, a “collision of electronic music with hard hitting, modern rock” with their own evolving sound which has been likened to Static-X, Rob Zombie, Pendulum, and The Prodigy. Wayne Static (of Static-X) also recognized their talent and is featured as guest vocalist in their debut single, “Destroy as You Go.” 9Electric are determined to contaminate you with their music and captivate you with their personalities. However the past couple of months have shown they think that their online presence is a perpetual stage that is as interactive as it is entertaining. Using various social platforms you will find that there’s a cohesive tie between all of their social media sites, but also fresh and unique content on all of their accounts, while their website http://www.9electric.com is all about business.



9Electric aren’t a bunch of newbies just rolling up on the music scene working to launch themselves with a casual social media presence. With a substantial level of experience between them, this group seems to be in tune with what Rock fans want and are using social media as a tool to fulfill those demands. Online you will see direct and personal interaction with potential fans. You will then see they quickly turn into “die-hard” fans as you scroll through the conversations. And frankly, it doesn’t read like a one way street, 9Electric are clearly experiencing and enjoying the camaraderie they share with their fans and all channel comments get a personal response that isn’t canned or forced.


The band is definitely not casual about their music or the people they work with. There are an ample amount of heavy hitters in 9Electric’s corner. 9E is managed by Logan Mader, ex-guitarist for Heavy Metal legends Machine Head and Soulfly. Mader is considered by many to be part of an elite handful of Metal pioneers influencing all that came after. Working as co-creator/owner of Dirty Icon Productions; writing, producing, mixing and mastering for a distinguished band of acclaimed musicians and bands, Logan Mader’s involvement with 9Electric is confirmation that this is a good rock band on their way to claiming a serious stake in the rock world. The bands first five song EP “CAN YOU FEEL THIS” is produced by Mikey Doling, guitarist for famed metal band Channel Zero, previously of Soulfly and Snot. And as mentioned, their debut single, “Destroy As You Go,” includes guest vocals by Wayne Static. Highly notable photographer Hristo Shindov, for his first venture into film, directed 9Electric’s debut music video “Feel This” youtube.com/user/9ELECTRICxxx and has been receiving accolades for this work by many new fans. The band has elected to make all these tracks available free online through various medias but only for sale in their entirety at their live shows. These live performances are building a reputation with fans and fellow acts alike. The excitement and enthusiasm that builds online in anticipation is an adrenalin charged experience of its own. Still, if you cannot make it to a show you can take advantage of three full tracks on their MySpace and their Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/9ElectricFB.


Although they have only recently entered the world of Twitter, 9Electric’s followers are already fervently dedicated and it shows, through everything from promoting live shows to their friends to creating plans to get the 9E logo tattooed on their body. Take a peek at their twitter page (go to twitter and search for 9electric) and you will see immediately that they respect their fans and followers as people and don’t just count them as numbers. 9E’s band members are very charming and witty with a definite edginess and their large personalities radiate out of everything they do. Yes, they push their music, videos and shows at you through social media, but they also show you just who they are and what makes them so unique. They have fun and clearly LOVE to party but they also work very hard and they keep their fans personally in the loop on almost everything!


9Electric’s approach to social media has caused their group of followers to cultivate organically by leaps and bounds in the past weeks since they started their online focus. In short, these are guys who believe that social networking is the wave of the present and of the future for any artistic entertainment adventure, and yes, they mean to make it an adventure for all. So it looks like 9Electric has their own answer to the looming question out there and in a world where image is everything, it is exciting to see even an image conscious band such as the men of 9Electric cast aside past stigmas and embrace genuine interaction that both engages and includes their online fans.

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