5/30 Last Summer at Coney Island

5/30 Last Summer at Coney Island
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Image by uniondocs
In recognition of Coney Island’s newest amusement park opening Memorial Weekend, we’re hosting a benefit preview screening of JL Aronson’s upcoming documentary, Last Summer at Coney Island. We will screen a 93 minute fine cut version of the documentary. The film will be going to festivals soon but needs to raise money first to pay for all the archival imagery and music licensing. Last Summer is a thorough rendering of Coney Island’s roller coaster relationship with redevelopment, focusing on the last few years as the City, a private developer and the public all wrestled over the future of this legendary amusement destination. This is an important film about an important place and what better weekend to support it?

JL Aronson is the founder of Creative Arson, a Brooklyn-based documentary production company. His films include “Punk Rock/ Heavy Metal Karaoke,” “Up on the Roof,” and “Danielson: a Family Movie,” for which he won numerous film festival awards. JL first got involved in Coney Island professionally almost ten years ago while working for the Siren Music Festival and subsequently directed a TV commercial for Astroland Amusement Park. He enjoys funnel cakes, long walks on the beach and hopes that, if nothing else, the revamped Coney Island will offer soy hot dogs alongside the classic fare.
We are welcoming back, JL Aronson whose documentary highlights Williamsburg pigeon coops, Up On the Roof, and screened with us last year.

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