1965 Ford Thunderbird Hard Top Coupe

1965 Ford Thunderbird Hard Top Coupe
top hard rock
Image by cstmweb
Artifact no. 2011.0003
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Wixom, Michigan, USA
Date: 1965
Source: M. Randolph (Randy) Bachman

First introduced at the 1954 Detroit Auto Show to compete against General Motor’s Chevrolet Corvette (1953), the Thunderbird was marketed as a new type of vehicle for the North American market. It was a personal luxury car, mass produced that spoke of comfort, style and aesthetics.

This ‘65 hard top coupe is powered by a 300 HP V-8 engine that is equipped with luxuries such as power brakes, power steering, swing-away steering wheel, power windows, conditioned air, AM/FM tape player and power bucket seats. It is also an example of a car that had cultural influences reflected in music, movies and television.

Two previous owners, both from Manitoba, are internationally known Canadian iconic celebrities of the rock world – Burton Cummings (The Guess Who), and Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive). Influenced by the Beach Boys in their youth, they considered the T-Bird synonymous of California, beach, sun and girls – “fun, fun, fun, til her daddy takes the T-Bird away”, and dreamed of having one.

A demo tape recorded by the two in British Columbia (the only one in existence) was discovered years later in the car and a decision was made to record the music on disc. This T-Bird is featured on the cover of the CD, Bachman Cummings – The Thunderbird Trax (2006).

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