10 old school Swedish Death Metal cds every fan should have!

I was asked for my opinion on the best old school Swedish Death Metal albums that are available on cds by a few people now, so here it is. To a long time fan most of the choices would seem pretty obvious, but here’s my say anyway. This video is meant to help the new fans get into the old school bands. There are many more Great albums with this being a good bunch to begin with. This is not a Top 10 list in order, so the video was assembled randomly. I wouldn’t want to put these in order anyway. Entombed “Left Hand Path” – Recorded Dec. 1989, released in 1990 – is easily The most important Swedish Death Metal album, as it defined the sound of the genre and encouraged many other bands to establish themselves as well. If you don’t have this, you don’t know Swedish Death Metal. The cd was re-issued many times and it should be easy to find a copy! Unleashed “Shadows In The Deep” – Recorded and released in 1992 – is the band’s 2nd full length and in my opinion their best effort from the old days. Sick riffs! The original and re-issues are all inexpensive and easy to find! Dismember “Like An Everflowing Stream” – Recorded and released in 1991 – is the band’s 1st full length and still has to be the most powerful record they ever did. Fantastic! It has been re-issued many times and it should be easy to find a copy! Carnage “Dark Recollections” – Recorded and released in 1990 – is the band’s one and only album, after which the band split – with Michael Amott joining Carcass and the
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