“No Sled Too Dead”

“No Sled Too Dead”
dead metal
Image by Caveman Chuck Coker
The motto for the Twisted Metal Cycle Shop is “No Sled Too Dead.” This is Marvin’s bike on Tuesday morning. It looks pretty dead right now. His final drive belt broke and is currently out in the Sonoran Desert somewhere. You have to take lots of things apart to change a final drive belt.

The primary drive was discussed on this photo: A Photographer’s Bike? In the photo above, you can see the the internals better. The crankshaft (engine) takes the small pulley on the stand at the back of the bike. The transmission takes the large pulley and those little plates in the middle of the big pulley are the clutches. The primary drive belt is the big black thing encircling the two pulleys. The pulley that is still on the transmission is the front pulley for the final drive belt.


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